Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k - 2 VCO keyboard synth + sequencer and midi keyboard

* Pure analogue voice circuitry  * Fat Moog style filter * Velocity sensitive keyboard * CV/Gate outputs, so can be used as a 1V/octave CV controller keyboard for your modular system * CV/Gate inputs to voice circuit so can be controlled by an analogue sequencer or similar * All jack sockets are 6.35mm (1/4" 'big' jacks) * Mod Wheel * Pitch Bend Wheel * Performance section (mod wheel control of LFO2 - i.e. vibrato/wahwah) * Pure vintage style inspired design * Lots of blue LEDs! * 2 VCOs with Glide/Portamento and Sub-VCOs. * Plenty of modulation routing possibilities. * Extra tone controls and circuits for more sound variety e.g. LFO, CrossMod. * Rugged steel construction * 'Real' printed front panel. Quality silk screen printing. We do not use big stickers like M**g. * 'vintage' wood design. * Spun aluminium topped knobs * LCD for MIDI set-up editing * MIDI In for software sequencer control of CV/Gate * MIDI Thru * MIDI Out: pitchbend, mod wheel, velocity and note data is transmitted. Local on/off feature

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